Relics to the


Of happiness

An entire range of relics taking you to the railroad of happiness, so choose your own today!

Relics to the


Of happiness

An entire range of relics taking you to the
railroad of happiness, so choose your own today!

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Mr. B. S. Joshi

Deep in the heart of Kothrud, a bustling suburb in Pune, India, lies a hidden gem – the Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railways. It all started with Mr. B. S. Joshi, fondly known as Bhau Joshi, who had an obsession with collecting train models from childhood, in the 1980s, he started working on a layout that could be taken from town to town like a circus or fair. After displaying it in Pune & Bombay, he realized that making it a mobile layout required too much manpower & expenditure, which led to the decision of creating a permanent Museum of Miniature Railways.

The hall was constructed in 1991, and the present layout was created. It has detail oriented work, with 100s of wires coming out of the control panel, 65 signals, & fences, lampposts, flyovers, etc., manufactured using chemical etching techniques. The control panel has been designed so that the entire layout can be operated manually or computer-controlled. This museum is the only one of its kind in India and has become an integral part of the Pune tourist scene, with about 30,000 visitors every year. Bhau Joshi’s dream has become a reality, and visitors can experience the magic of miniature railways that will transport them to a different world!

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The Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railways is not just an exhibition of a layout but an embodiment of a dream that has been nurtured over decades. The museum is housed in a special hall within the premises of Soudamini Instruments, a factory that was founded by Mr. B. S. Joshi in 1962. Bhau Joshi believed that railway modelling is a hobby that can help budding engineers and scientists in their professional development. It spans a diverse range of subjects such as architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, accounting, and photography, among others. By cultivating this hobby, one can develop a multidisciplinary perspective and gain a better understanding of these subjects.
Therefore, the museum aims to propagate railway modelling as a hobby among the younger generation and inspire them to explore the world of science and engineering.

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The Future Generations

Soudamini Instruments, a factory that has been in existence since 1962, has been transformed into a thriving business by Dr. Ravi Joshi, son of the late founder, Mr. Bhau Joshi. He has continued his father’s legacy of railway modeling, extending it into a successful business as per his father’s vision. Under his leadership, Soudamini Instruments now produces various train models, industrial models, & layouts. They supply the Indian Railways & the Indian hobby market, & have also supplied models to Swiss Rail & the Australian hobby market. They have recently constructed two interactive traffic model rooms in Madgoan, Goa, & Dharwad, Karnatak, for use in training Indian Railway operating staff. One of the most significant accomplishments under Dr. Ravi’s guidance has been the creation of a new museum at the Mapro Food Court premises in Shendurjane, Wai. Dr. Ravi Joshi designed the modern museum himself, and it is a testament to his ingenuity

Dr. Ravi’s son, Devavrat, has also joined the Soudamini team. Devavrat holds an Engineering degree and completed a year-long internship with PIKO GmbH, a German manufacturer of model trains. Soudamini has become the authorized service center for PIKO in India due to Devavrat’s association with the company. With the injection of fresh talent, plans are underway to manufacture Indian Railway models for the Indian market. Devavrat is experienced in designing, developing, and manufacturing parts using the latest 3D printing technology. Furthermore, future technical collaborations with PIKO are also being considered. Now, Devavrat has made the model railroading hobby his career choice, and it is a source of great pride for Dr. Ravi