Joshi's Museum of Miniature Railway
The Only Miniature City In India


The experience inside the Museum hall is one that people remember for a lifetime.
The entire imaginary city is controlled from a panel from which arises a network of over 1000 wires (a length of 5 kms).
There are 65 signals, 26 points, fences, lampposts, flyovers, etc. which have been manufactured by hand using chemical etching techniques.
The entire layout can be operated manually or can be computer controlled.
Fully functional station yard with 6 platforms, announcement systems, 3 main lines, goods loading facilities, hump shunting, a turntable, crane, etc.
The entire layout is in the HO scale (1:87) using Markin a.c. and Digital systems.
Steam trains, Diesel engines, High speed Inter City Express, Underground train, Trolley bus, Rope Railway, Funicular Railway, Wuppertal Hanging Railway.
Ghat section with reversing station for steam trains. Two lane Highway with moving cars.
Fairground with a circus which has changing shows, a ferris wheel, merry-go-round, Roller coaster, a toy train and a lot of similar attractions, all with sound effects.
Swimming pool with people actually swimming in it.
Restaurant, which goes up and down a tower.
Drive in theatre Fire engine which actually puts out a fire.
Business center in city with hoarding and flashing signs, buildings with lights inside. The houses have been built with kits from German companies like Vollmer, Faller, Prieser, etc.
There are over 2000 figures in different poses.
Night sky with stars and plants as seen on April 16, 1853 (the day when the first train ran in India ).
Lighting effects and April showers.